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Ma'ayan Bamidbar

The Ma’ayan Bamidbar (Wellspring in the Desert) project is a mutual academic tutoring
program between Jewish and Arab students that takes place throughout the academic year.

A Wall in Its Midst

Breaking stigmas and building bridges between Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) and non-Haredi student
populations in Israel and providing Haredi students with the help they need to succeed in academia.

Katif Israeli

A summer program for students in Israel, Katif Yisraeli combines agricultural work with learning and
enrichment on agriculture, Zionism, and society, in a group setting

יוזמה ירושלמית שמטרתה להפוך את השבת הירושלמית לגורם מאחד ורלוונטי למגוון רחב של תושבי ירושלים. 
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