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Landmarks was founded in 2013 with the mission to inspire collaborations between young people from all sectors of Israeli society in order to spur community activism, and instill values of pluralism and social cohesion.

Each project employs a different medium of achieving these aims, including agricultural labor, academic tutoring and cultural events. Landmarks was launched by a group of young people in Jerusalem driven to tackle the great opportunities and challenges in Israeli’s diverse and complex capital city.

Although Jerusalem still represents the heart of Landmarks’ activities, the organization currently operates programs throughout Israel, including the center region, Haifa and the north, Be’er Sheva and Ariel

Board Of Directors

Noam Arbel

Board Memebr

Noam was born in Jerusalem and currently lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and son. He is director of
educational programs for North American teenagers and young adults at Routes Travel, where he helps
thousands of participants each year recieve an in-depth understanding of Israel in all its complexity.
Noam is a company commander (reserves) in the IDF tank corp. He was previously director of programs
for alumni of pre-army programs and was active in recruiting young people all across Israel to take part.
Noam has a B.A. in political science and Jewish studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Amnon Rabinowitz

Board Member

An educator and currently principal of the Ziv and Marks junior high school in Jerusalem, Amnon is a co-founder of the new teachers; movement, Mechanchim-Morim Derech, and was one of leaders of the 2011 social protest in Israel. In 2012, Amnon was on The Marker’s list of the 100 most influential people in Israeli society for his work on education in the public sector and received a commendation for his work on educating for tolerance and democracy from the committee of the Max Rowe Rothschild Prize for Education. Amnon was previously director of a study center for at-risk teenagers in Jerusalem, and
has been instrumental in many educational projects in the city. He served as an officer in the elite IDF 8200 intelligence unit.

Roni Lior

Board Member

Roni, a Jerusalemite born and bred, is married to Yedidya and a mother of three. For the past ten years
she has run various social projects and is today director of programs for the elderly at the International
Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Roni believes in involvement as the key to social change, and in
practical Zionism - in agriculture, education, and welfare. She holds a B.A. in education and political
science, and an M.A. in public policy, with a focus on cross-sector collaboration (public and third
sectors), both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her goal is to narrow the gaps between the
social, economic, political and geographic periphery and the center

Ta'ir Kleinman

Board Member

Ta’ir was born and raised in Jerusalem, but currently lives in kibbutz Ma’ale Gilbo’a with her husband
Isaac. Ta’ir attended the Ein Hanatziv academy and the Midrasha at Ein Pratt, and served in the
prestigious IDF intelligence unit 8200. She holds a B.A. in political science and philosophy from the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is currently a participant in the Haifa University program Atidim
Cadets for Local Governing. Ta’ir was previously director Katif Yisraeli and Ma’ayan BaMidbar

Tomer Dror


Tomer is 30 years old, married to Gal and the father of Neta and Kedem-Yehuda. Born and raised in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem in a religious-Zionist environment, Tomer is an alumnus of the Midrasha at Ein Prat, Pre-Army Academy of Social Leadership. After completing his military service, Tomer joined “Hitorerut” – a social activist organization, where he filled several different roles. Tomer is now a senior adviser to Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Ofer Berkowitz. Tomer holds a B.A. in political science and philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is an avid sports fan, especially of basketball, and is a supporter of Hapoel Jerusalem almost from birth

Ofri Raviv


Ofri is a married father of two, currently living in kibbutz Hanaton. Ofri was chairman of the student union of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, vice chairman of the National Students Association, and CEO of the NGO Maagaley Tzedek. From 2012-2017 he was activities coordinator for Tzionei Derech, during which time he founded and developed Katif Yisraeli and Ma’ayan BaMidbar, as well as other programs. Ofri is currently director of development in the Aguda L’Hitnadvoot. He is company
commander (reserves) in an IDF infantry unit. Ofri holds an M.A. in public policy and is a big believer in the power of young people to make a difference.

Or Rapaport

Co-Founder and Activities Coordinator

Or is 31 years old, married to Dar, and currently living in kibbutz Yifat in the Jezreel Valley. A co-founder of Tzionei Derech, Or was a partner in establishing Beliba Choma, Katif Yisraeli, and others. He was previously social engagement coordinator for the Student Union of the Hebrew University, and a member of the board of Hitorerut b’Yerushalayim. Or holds a B.A. in Middle Eastern studies and history
from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an executive M.B.A. from Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He is a major (reserves) in IDF intelligence unit 8200. He is also the founder of Lev Echad, a
nonprofit providing assistance in times of emergency.


ישראל ויניקור תמונה.jpg

Israel Vinokor

Coordinator of
students in the
"Beliba Choma" project.

Israel is married and father to Jonathan, they live in Jerusalem. He graduated from the Mir Yeshiva and is now studying Management and Communications at the Open University.

תמונה עדן לוי.jpg

Eden Levy

Project Manager of “Ma’ayan Bamidbar”

Eden is a Jerusalemite, she graduated from the 8200 Unit (IDF Intelligence Corps unit), and is currently a Law and Psychology student at the Hebrew University. She is a teacher and developer of Hebrew study content at Beit Safafa High School and Hebrew language learning projects for women from East Jerusalem.

תמונה איציק פשקוס.jpg

Itzik Pashkus


 Director of Programs

Itzik is a 35-year- old, Jerusalemite born and bred, married to Renana, and a father to Hallel and currently living in the neighborhood of Baka. Itzik, highly experienced in the world of social change, was previously vice president of the NGO Ruach Hadasha (New Spirit), and was instrumental in the establishment of several social initiatives and nonprofits. Itzik is an alumnus of the yeshiva world, holds a B.A. in history and an M.A. in business administration, and believes in hard work, that change is
possible, and that diversity is an advantage.

אריה כפירי.jpg

Arye Kfiri

 Project Manager of "Beliba Choma"

Arye, 29 years old, is married and the father of one child. Originally from Haifa, he now lives Jerusalem and holds an M.A. in Islam and Middle East studies. Arye has been at Tzionei Derech since September 2015. He believes in the power of young people to create change, and in creating a Zionist narrative based on action, with space for different populations. He knows that creating this narrative, and acting within its framework, is in our best interest for the generations to come

תמונה גולן חמו.jpg

Golan Hemo

Project Manager
of "Katif Yisraeli" 

He grew up in Ramat Magshimim Moshav in the Golan and currently lives in Even Sapir.
Golan worked in a variety of jobs in local agriculture.
Golan graduated from the IDF Shaldag Unit and formerly worked as an instructor in a pre-military preparation course. He is currently a student in Philosophy and Music.

Golan believes in social connections of various sectors of Israeli society through joint study and action.

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